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Is Democracy Compatible with Global Institutions?
Constitutional Political Economy (2016)
  • Josep M. Colomer
The salience and relevance of the currently existing global institutions
raise the question of their compatibility with some reasonable notion of democracy.
I hold that democracy, as a form of government based on social consent, can be
operationalized with different institutional formulas, mostly depending on the territorial
scale and the degree of conflict of interests of the issues submitted to
collective decision-making. Democratic institutional formulas include the people’s
assembly in small cities, party elections of representatives in large states, and expert
accountable rulers at the global level. Analogously to how democracy was scaled up
from the city level to the state level in early modern times, it needs to be scaled up
to the global level by the design and adoption of appropriate institutional formulas.
  • Institutions · Globalization · Democracy · Accountability
Publication Date
Summer June 8, 2016
Citation Information
Josep M. Colomer. "Is Democracy Compatible with Global Institutions?" Constitutional Political Economy Vol. 27 Iss. 3 (2016) p. 260 - 272
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