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First Steps Towards New Postal Economics Models for Developing Countries: Learning from the Latin American Experience
Liberalization Of The Postal And Delivery Sector (2006)
  • Jose Anson, Universal Postal Union
  • Rudy Cuadra, Universal Postal Union
  • Altamir Linhares, Universal Postal Union
  • Guillermo Ronderos, Universal Postal Union
  • Joelle Toledano

Whereas a lot has been written about the postal sector in industrialized countries, there has been little about the development of postal markets in developing countries (DCs). The purpose of this paper is twofold. First, it underlines the fact that postal economics models developed for industrialized countries (ICs) should not be transposed to DCs. Instead, a number of specificities of DCs should be taken into account in any economic analysis of the postal sector. Second, it provides new econometric results regarding the drivers of domestic letter-post development in DCs, highlighting the necessity of clustering the analysis within various groups of countries. By so doing, a number of new effects appear beyond the traditional link between the GDP and the volume of mail per capita. For low-income countries the latter is no longer statistically significant. The research also captures the negative impact of “laissez-faire” policies on the postal development of many Latin American countries. Consequently, an in-depth analysis of the lack of development of Latin American postal markets is carried out, revealing clear symptoms of destructive unregulated competition. The subsequent high market fragmentation in the region does not seem to favour the development of sufficiently large economies of scale, and is thus likely to disable postal markets' growth.

Publication Date
December, 2006
Michael A. Crew and Paul R. Kleindorfer
Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.
Citation Information
Jose Anson, Rudy Cuadra, Altamir Linhares, Guillermo Ronderos, et al.. "First Steps Towards New Postal Economics Models for Developing Countries: Learning from the Latin American Experience" CheltenhamLiberalization Of The Postal And Delivery Sector (2006)
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