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Criminal Law: Cases, Commentary And Questions
  • José F. Anderson, University of Baltimore School of Law
  • Patricia Mell, P. Mell Advisors

Professor Jose Felipe Anderson, Director of the University of Baltimore's School of Law's Stephen L. Snyder Center for Litigation Skills and Professor Patricia Mell, Dean of the John Marshall School of Law, have created a criminal law case book that offers both traditional and cutting-edge cases, challenging hypotheticals, historical context, and practical perspectives. All of these features combine in a manageable casebook designed to be completed in a one semester criminal law course. With material ranging from the criminal prosecution of Marcus Garvey for mail fraud to the Dr. Jack Kevorkian assisted-suicide trial to Watergate, the book will hold the interest of both student and professor.

Features include interesting cases designed to combine legal principles for efficient learning; both traditional coverage of familiar principles and cutting-edge insights into emerging trends; special attention to the U.S. Supreme Court's recent activity in state criminal law; hypothetical problems of varying length and complexity to maximize the instructor's teaching options; historical notes and commentary that place the cases into context; discussion of the American Law Institute's Model Penal Code; and practical perspectives for each section giving both defense and prosecution insights.

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Carolina Academic Press
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Carolina Academic Press Law Casebook

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José F. Anderson and Patricia Mell. Criminal Law: Cases, Commentary And Questions. Durham, NC(2007)
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