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O desenvolvimento regional sob a ótica da sustentabilidade: uma reflexão sobre a economia e o meio ambiente
Ágora Revista de Divulgação Científica (2010)
  • Jorge Amaro Bastos Alves, Msc, Faculdade de Campina Grande do Sul

This article has as objective the dimension multidisciplinary of the regional development under the optics of the sustentabilidade. The beginnings of the maintainable regional development should be looked for as pillars of a model of regional development that it harmonizes the economic production and the natural resources, and that is capable to provide a good level of life quality for the society. It doesn't discuss now that the environment is presenting evident waste signs, but yes, rethinking of the development theories, now in vigor in the economy of which they highlight the new paradigm of economic development to be adopted, that is to say, those of order holistic of which should be configured in the bio-psico-social-economic order. It cannot him, for example, to look for new returned paradigms the environmental protection, exploration of mineral reservations, recovery of areas degrades and others. A lot of areas are promoting the development for middle of those new economic paradigms, above all, returned to the discussion in the order of environmental dimension, that they are of equality and relevance, a process returned to the economic development of maintainable order.

  • Desenvolvimento Regional,
  • Sustentabilidade,
  • Economia Ambiental
Publication Date
Winter August 16, 2010
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Citation Information
Jorge Amaro Bastos Alves. "O desenvolvimento regional sob a ótica da sustentabilidade: uma reflexão sobre a economia e o meio ambiente" Ágora Revista de Divulgação Científica Vol. 17 Iss. 2 (2010)
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