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About Jorge Gonzalez-Jacome

How can we use law in order to progressively transform society? This is the main question that can be found in most of my academic writings and projects. I deeply believe in law as a political apparatus that is not merely describing what takes place in society but it also creates it. Bearing in mind this critical theoretical commitment, I have been working recently in legal history as a means to empower Colombian legal culture of a consciousness that can lead lawyers to act as elites promoting social change and not just as imitators of past behaviors that end up subordinating disadvantaged groups. My political commitment is one of left liberalism in which I am trying to focus on how individuals themselves can gain power in order to transform legal institutions and discourses that subordinate them.


Present Assistant Professor (on leave) - School of Law, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Present SJD Candidate, Harvard Law School



Research Interests

Legal history, comparative law, constitutional law, legal theory, legal education

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Contact Information

Jorge González-Jácome
Tels: (617) 899 0829

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