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René David: at the Head of the Legal Family
  • Jorge Esquirol, Florida International University College of Law
This book, designed with courses in comparative law as well as scholarly projects in mind, brings a new generation of comparativists together to reflect on the character of their discipline. It aims to incite curiosity and debate about contemporary issues within comparative law by bringing the discipline into conversation with debates in anthropology, literary and cultural studies, and critical theory. The book addresses questions such as what is the disciplinary identity of comparative law; how should we understand its relationship to colonialism, modernism, the Cold War, and other wider events that have shaped its history; what is its relationship to other projects of comparison in the arts, social sciences and humanities; and how has comparative law contributed at different times and in different parts of the world to projects of legal reform. Each of the essays frames its intervention around a close reading of the life and work of one formative character in the history of the discipline. Taken as a whole, the book offers a fresh and sophisticated picture of the discipline and its future. 
Publication Date
Annelise Riles
Hart Publishing
Citation Information
Jorge L. Esquirol, René David: At the Head of the Legal Family, in RETHINKING THE MASTERS OF COMPARATIVE LAW (Annelise Riles ed., 2001).