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Media attention & executive pay in The Netherlands
EICT Research Series (2010)
  • Jordan Otten

This report is centered around three research questions on newspaper coverage and executive compensation in The Netherlands. 1) How has the coverage developed over the years? 2) How selective are newspapers in their coverage? And 3) What are the influences of newspaper coverage on executive compensation?

Based on the articles that have appeared in the period 1998- mid 2009, it can be concluded that the attention by newspapers is not only of the most recent years. Newspapers do not systematically focus on the better or worse performing companies and do also not focus on the higher or highest paid executives. Instead, they focus on the bigger organizations that have received attention in the past. The results furthermore show that the effects of past media attention drives current cash compensation upwards. On the basis of these results it can be expected that the same companies will reappear in newspapers articles in the future, with higher paid executives, despite the media attention they will receive.

  • Executive pay,
  • media
Publication Date
Spring April, 2010
Citation Information
Jordan Otten. "Media attention & executive pay in The Netherlands" EICT Research Series Iss. 13 (2010)
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