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Unpublished Paper
Isaiah 7,14 - Virgin or Maiden?
  • Jordan P Ballard
The best definition of ’almah is “young, unmarried woman who is a virgin.” This definition is derived from the use of ’almah in Genesis 24:43, and it easily fits each of the verses where ’almah appears, depending on the interpretation. The term ’almah includes both the idea of age and virginity with an emphasis on “marriageableness.” This definition also makes good sense of Isaiah 7:14 LXX and Matthew 1:23 which translate ’almah with parthenos, the normal Greek word for “virgin.” Although the interpretation of the Immanuel prophecy involves more than the meaning of ’almah, the proper translation of ’almah is vitally important to understanding the prophecy and its fulfillment and includes the idea of virginity.
  • Immanuel,
  • virgin birth,
  • Isaiah 7:14,
  • almah
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Jordan P Ballard. "Isaiah 7,14 - Virgin or Maiden?" (2011)
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