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How Did the Universe Begin? PPT
  • Jordan P Ballard
The origin of the universe is one of the important and perplexing subjects known to mankind. The subject is important because of its implications for mankind’s place in the universe, and it is perplexing because of the vastness and complexity of everything in the universe, from the distant galaxies to the virtual particles of the quantum vacuum. Two basic questions about the origin of the universe must be addressed. First is the question, “Did the universe have a beginning?” which can be answered by utilizing three sources of information: philosophy, science, and theology. The second question is, “How did the universe begin?” For Christians today, there are two competing models: young-earth creationism and old-earth creationism. Although the majority of Christian scholars today favor old-earth creationism, the big bang theory is fraught with problems. Therefore, this presentation will demonstrate that there are strong arguments for the beginning of the universe, with the implication that God created the universe ex nihilo as the Bible teaches, and that there are insurmountable problems working against the big bang theory, with the implication that Christians should avoid using cosmic evolution in their interpretation of the Bible and in their apologetics.
  • creation,
  • big bang theory,
  • evolution,
  • young earth creationism
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Jordan P Ballard. "How Did the Universe Begin? PPT" (2013)
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