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Unpublished Paper
Evangelism and the Emergent Church Movement
  • Jordan P Ballard
The Emergent Church Movement (hereafter ECM) is an offshoot of evangelical Christianity which seeks to reform or re-imagine Christianity in light of postmodern philosophy in order to reach an emerging generation of postmodern twenty- and thirty-somethings which have largely become disconnected from evangelical churches. The ECM has evolved from a small, relatively unnoticed movement in the 1990s to become a major influence on evangelical Christianity in the twenty-first century. The movement began when its leaders recognized that many American churches were not reaching college students and young adults, but many evangelicals have expressed their concern and/or disapproval of the ECM because of its teachings and its practices. They feel that the ECM is not the best solution to the problem of reaching Generation X. This paper will present a brief overview of the ECM, discuss the key teachings of ECM leaders that relate to the subject of evangelism, and then evaluate the ECM doctrines and practices.
  • emergent church,
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  • mclaren
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Jordan P Ballard. "Evangelism and the Emergent Church Movement" (2013)
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