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Critical Behavior of the Chayes–Machta–Swendsen–Wang Dynamics
Physics Review Letters
  • Y Deng
  • T Garoni
  • J Machta, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • G Ossola
  • M Polin
  • A Sokal
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We study the dynamic critical behavior of the Chayes-Machta dynamics for the Fortuin-Kasteleyn random-cluster model, which generalizes the Swendsen-Wang dynamics for the q-state Potts model to noninteger q, in two and three spatial dimensions, by Monte Carlo simulation. We show that the Li-Sokal bound z≥α/ν is close to but probably not sharp in d=2 and is far from sharp in d=3, for all q. The conjecture z≥β/ν is false (for some values of q) in both d=2 and d=3.
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Citation Information
Y Deng, T Garoni, J Machta, G Ossola, et al.. "Critical Behavior of the Chayes–Machta–Swendsen–Wang Dynamics" Physics Review Letters Vol. 99 Iss. 5 (2007)
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