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Converting Garages into a Dissertation: A Conversation with Jacob Wegmann
UrbDeZine (2014)
  • Jonathan P. Bell

UrbDeZine, June 17, 2014. In part 1 of the article, I highlight that burgeoning scholarship on "informality" in the U.S. housing market fails to address the implementation side of planning: the regulation and enforcement of unpermitted dwelling units. Part 2 includes a Q&A with PhD candidate Jacob Wegmann on his groundbreaking dissertation examining the impacts of extralegal dwelling units on the political economy and housing market in Southeast Los Angeles County. The enforcement perspective is core to Wegmann's study. URL:

  • informality,
  • informal sector,
  • regulation,
  • enforcement,
  • housing,
  • urban planning,
  • city planning,
  • zoning,
  • code enforcement,
  • code compliance,
  • land use,
  • land use regulation
Publication Date
June 17, 2014
Citation Information
Jonathan P. Bell. "Converting Garages into a Dissertation: A Conversation with Jacob Wegmann" UrbDeZine Vol. 2014 Iss. June 17 (2014)
Available at: