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Deep-Water Incised Valley Deposits at the Ediacaran-Cambrian Boundary in Southern Namibia Contain Abundant Treptichnus Pedum
  • Jonathan P. Wilson, Haverford College
  • J. P. Grotzinger
  • Wooward W. Fischer
  • K. P. Hand
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Journal Article
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This was a very long, peer-reviewed research paper based on field work I performed in Namibia in 2006. During this field season, we discovered the richest trove of fossilized burrows from early animals that have ever been described. In this paper, I led a team to analyze the environment these burrows were found in, and the burrows themselves, in order to see what we can learn about the animals that made these early burrows; including their identity and environmental tolerance.
Citation Information
Wilson, Jonathan P., et al. "Deep-water incised valley deposits at the ediacaran-cambrian boundary in southern Namibia contain abundant treptichnus pedum." Palaios 27.4 (2012): 252-273.