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Location Independent Names for Nomadic Computers
Computer Science Faculty Publications and Presentations
  • David Steere
  • Mark Morrissey, Portland State University
  • Peter Geib
  • Calton Pu
  • Jonathan Walpole, Portland State University
Document Type
Technical Report
Publication Date
  • Interactive computer systems,
  • Computer software -- Security,
  • Computer software -- Performance,
  • Computer network protocols
Recent advances in the Domain Name System (DNS) and the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) have enabled a new approach to supporting mobile users: location independent naming. In this approach, machines use the same hostname from any internet location, but use an IP address that corresponds to their current location. We describe a protocol that implements location independent naming for nomadic computers, i.e., machines that do not need transparent mobility. Our protocol allows hosts to move across security domains, uses existing protocols, and preserves existing trust relationships. Therefore, it preserves the performance and security of normal IP for nomadic computers at the expense of not providing the transparent mobility of Mobile IP. We contend that this is a reasonable trade-off for nomadic computing.

Oregon Graduate Institute School of Science & Engineering Technical Report 98-006, June 1998.

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Steere, David C., Mark Morrissey, Peter Geib, Calton Pu, and Jonathan Walpole. "Location Independent Names for Nomadic Computers." Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering Oregon Graduate Institute (1998).