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Unpublished Paper
Music of Worship and the Sanctification of the Believer
  • Jonathan D Twining, Liberty University
Because of its importance in the life of a believer, music should aid in the sanctification process. The debate concerning the use of contemporary music in church worship contexts arises from the belief that musical styles can either encourage or discourage the sanctification of a believer by influencing emotions. The efficiency of music for the purpose of sanctification should be considered by the listener. Music that is associated with unbiblical influences and intentions may not be fit for use in worship settings.
  • worship,
  • liturgy,
  • church music,
  • sanctification,
  • worship wars,
  • church conflict,
  • history of church music,
  • church,
  • believer,
  • church history,
  • contemporary christian,
  • CCM,
  • sacred,
  • conservative music,
  • church aesthetics,
  • religious music,
  • music of worship,
  • biblical music,
  • christian rock,
  • music history
Publication Date
Spring April 23, 2013
Citation Information
Jonathan D Twining. "Music of Worship and the Sanctification of the Believer" (2013)
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