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About Jonathan P. Sorenson

Jon's research is in the area of algorithmic number theory, which is the design, analysis, and implementation of computer algorithms to solve problems from number theory. Some of the most important problems in this area are factoring large integers and testing integers for primality. Perhaps the most important application for number theoretic algorithms is in public-key cryptography. Jon has done joint work with Butler students, and his research makes use of Butler's new supercomputer, the Big Dawg.


Present Chair of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Butler University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Present Professor, Butler University Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering


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Honors and Awards

  • NSF RUI Grant CCR-9626877, October 1996--September 1998. $59,150.
  • NSF RUI Grant CCR-9204414, August 1992--July 1994. $49,352.
  • LAS Natural Sciences Faculty Member of the Year Award, Butler University, 2006-2007

Contact Information

Computer Science & Software Engineering
Butler University
4600 Sunset Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46208-3485
(317) 940-9765

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