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Statecraft, Australia and the future of Indonesia
Adelaidean (2000)
  • Jonathan H. Ping


Indonesia is reconstructing itself. Democracy has taken hold, a free press is working and the rule of law is gaining popularity. What about selfdetermination, human rights and the environment? Can Australia play a role in assisting those people and groups in Indonesia that can’t help themselves? Can Australia’s leaders help? To date, unfortunately, it can be argued that Australia has no statesmen (or stateswomen) only politicians! The character of a ‘statesperson’ sees them looking at the world in a proactive and thus inventive way which allows them to create circumstances and also to take advantage of opportunities. The reactionary is a politician.

  • Indonesia,
  • statecraft,
  • Australia
Publication Date
March 13, 2000
Publisher Statement
Published Version.

Ping, J. (2000, March 13). Statecraft, Australia and the future of Indonesia. Adelaidean: Commentary, 2&6.

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© Copyright The University of Adelaide, 2000
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Jonathan H. Ping. "Statecraft, Australia and the future of Indonesia" Adelaidean (2000)
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