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Handbook for Community-­Funded Reporting, Reynolds Journalism Institute
  • Jonathan Peters, University of Missouri
Spot.Us is a success as an experiment in new revenue sources to finance journalism. Going forward, two issues are worth developing. How do we turn the open-source experiment into a sustainable business? Secondly, how do we evangelize the concept to the larger journalism industry? Importantly, the concept of crowdfunding is larger than any single organization. In the first Web revolution of the late ‘90's, companies like PayPal, eBay and Amazon revolutionized how we purchased items online. In Web 2.0 we are seeing social principles applied to our purchasing habits, creating companies like Groupon and Kickstarter. Spot.Us is an application of those principles to journalism. Answering the questions above is what motivated us to create this handbook. We focus on the workings of Spot.Us and hope this case study will help others tackle freelance reporting projects or give news organizations ideas about new revenue streams to support important investigations.
Publication Date
Fall 2011
Citation Information
Jonathan Peters. "Handbook for Community-­Funded Reporting, Reynolds Journalism Institute" (2011)
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