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Analysis of an Engineered Salmonella Flagellar Fusion Protein, FliR-FlhB
Journal of Bacteriology (2004)
  • John S. Van Arham, Yale University
  • Jonathan McMurry, Kennesaw State University
  • May Kihara, Yale University
  • Robert M. Macnab, Yale University

Salmonella FliR and FlhB are membrane proteins necessary for flagellar export. In Clostridium a fliR-flhB fusion gene exists. We constructed a similar Salmonella fusion gene which is able to complement fliR, flhB, and fliR flhB null strains. Western blotting revealed that the FliR-FlhB fusion protein retains the FlhB protein's cleavage properties. We conclude that the FliR and FlhB proteins are physically associated in the wild-type Salmonella basal body, probably in a 1:1 ratio.

Publication Date
April, 2004
Citation Information
John S. Van Arham, Jonathan McMurry, May Kihara and Robert M. Macnab. "Analysis of an Engineered Salmonella Flagellar Fusion Protein, FliR-FlhB" Journal of Bacteriology Vol. 186 Iss. 8 (2004)
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