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The Narrative Reconstruction of Psychotherapy and Psychological Health
  • Jonathan M. Adler, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
  • Lauren M. Skalina, Northwestern University
  • Dan P. McAdams, Northwestern University
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When people complete psychotherapy, they carry the story of the experience with them. This retrospective reconstruction serves several psychological purposes, including contributing to narrative identity and influencing the maintenance of therapeutic gains after termination. Based on a prior qualitative investigation of therapy narratives (Adler & McAdams, 2007a), a new sample of 104 former clients wrote about their psychotherapy after treatment end. Quantitative analyses indicated that the retrospective narratives of participants high in subjective well-being focused on the protagonist's agency in struggling with a discrete problem. In addition, the narratives of participants high in ego development described a coherent story of growth. These findings suggest that the stories clients construct about psychotherapy reliably vary depending on their psychological health.

© 2008 Taylor and Francis. This article was published in Psychotherapy Research, vol. 18, iss. 6, pages 719-734 and may be found here.

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Jonathan M. Adler, Lauren M. Skalina and Dan P. McAdams. "The Narrative Reconstruction of Psychotherapy and Psychological Health" (2008)
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