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Laboratory Rodent Welfare: Thinking Outside the Cage
  • Jonathan P. Balcombe
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This commentary presents the case against housing rats and mice in laboratory cages; the commentary bases its case on their sentience, natural history, and the varied detriments of laboratory conditions. The commentary gives 5 arguments to support this position: (a) rats and mice have a high degree of sentience and can suffer, (b) laboratory environments cause suffering, (c) rats and mice in the wild have discrete behavioral needs, (d) rats and mice bred for many generations in the laboratory retain these needs, and (e) these needs are not met in laboratory cages.

This file contains a post-print version of the article, which has the same content as the final edited version but is not formatted according to the layout of the published journal.

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Balcombe, J.P. (2010). Laboratory rodent welfare: Thinking outside the cage. Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, 13(1), 77-88.