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Economics of Rural Land-Use Change
Faculty and Staff Monograph Publications
  • Kathleen Bell, Editor
  • Kevin J Boyle, Editor
  • Jonathan Rubin, Editor, University of Maine
Public concern over issues such as the conversion of agricultural land, urban sprawl and the management of public lands has never been greater. This book provides a broad overview of the economics of land-use change, now a significant public policy issue. Presenting a novel synopsis of the economics of land-use the book examines the critical issues involved, such as transportation and technological change, and the economic principles behind them. Chapters are specifically designed to demonstrate the types of land-use questions economic analysis can answer; the types of methods that might be employed to answer the questions; and the potential uses of economic analysis in policy-making. The book will be a key contribution to contemporary land-use studies, highlighting the key methodological and public policy issues that will be central to future research on the economics of land-use change in the future.
Publication Date
  • Rural land use,
  • United States
Citation Information
Kathleen Bell, Kevin J Boyle and Jonathan Rubin. "Economics of Rural Land-Use Change" Burlington, VT(2006)
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