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Ikaro Prisikelimas
English Faculty Publications
  • Jonas Zdanys, Sacred Heart University
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This work, entitled Ikaro Prisikelimas, which means ‘the resurrection of Icarus,’ continues the themes Professor Zdanys began to explore in his book of prose poems entitled The Kingfisher’s Reign. The poems are lyric poems that explore what Zdanys calls “epiphanic moments”—moments of personal insight, realization and revelation. These moments are then presented and considered in the poems through various voices and in various settings, though the mythical figure Icarus—and the story and implications of his fall and, according to Zdanys, of his ultimate resurrection—is a principal and foundational presence.

In Lithuanian.

ISBN 9789986398196

Citation Information
Zdanys, Jonas. Ikaro prisikelimas. Vilnius, Lithuania: Lietuvos Rašytoju Sajungos Leidykla, 2014.