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Differentiating unparticles from extra dimensions via mini black hole thermodynamics
Physical Review D
  • Jonas R. Mureika, Loyola Marymount University
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Article - post-print
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A thermodynamics-based method is presented for differentiating mini black hole creation mechanisms in high energy parton collisions, including scenarios with large compactified extra dimensions and unparticle-enhanced gravity with real scaling dimension dU. Tensor unparticle interactions are shown to mimic the physics of (2dU−2) noninteger extra spatial dimensions. This yields unique model-dependent production rates, Hawking temperature profiles, and decay multiplicities for black holes of mass MBH∼1–15  TeV that may be created at the LHC and other future colliders.
Publisher Statement

This is an author-manuscript of an article accepted for publication in Physical Review D following peer review. The version of record is available online at:

Citation Information
Mureika, J. R., "Differentiating unparticles from extra dimensions via mini black hole thermodynamics," Physical Review D 79, 056003 (2009).