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Lonergan's Rock, Rhetoric's Love: Critical Thinking, Truth, and Communication(s) Ethics.pdf
  • Jon P. Radwan
This essay highlights the intersubjective dimension of ethics, aligning Lonergan’s cognitive pursuit of objective truth with a Platonic and Christian understanding of communication as interpersonal love. After an introduction to Lonergan’s epistemology, Plato’s description of rhetoric as love directs attention to how meaning and our fellow subjects help constitute our subjectivity. Critical thought advances toward truth via language and symbolism, and this mediation process ontologically grounds individual subjects within tradition and community. Just as there is an inherent ethic within knowing, so is there a self-justifying communication ethic uniting objective truth with community bonding. In St. Paul’s theological terms, the Word unites humanity when we are “speaking the truth in love.”
  • Bernard Lonergan,
  • Communication Ethics,
  • Rhetorical Ethics,
  • Epistemology,
  • Intersubjectivity,
  • objective truth,
  • media ontology,
  • Pauline Theology,
  • Platonic Love,
  • Christian Love,
  • social cognition
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Jon P. Radwan. "Lonergan's Rock, Rhetoric's Love: Critical Thinking, Truth, and Communication(s) Ethics.pdf" (2019)
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