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A Pilot Survey on the Licensing of DNA Inventions
Center for Bioethics Papers
  • Michelle R Henry, University of Pennsylvania
  • Mildred K Cho, Stanford University
  • Meredith A Weaver, Stanford University
  • Jon F Merz, University of Pennsylvania
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Journal Article
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Despite ethical concerns about gene patents, virtually no empirical evidence exists to support claims about either positive or negative effects, and extremely little is known about the intellectual property protection strategies of firms and universities. This article discusses the results of a pilot study to examine patenting and licensing philosophies, policies, and practices of different types of institutions and to describe the contractual conditions for licensing DNA sequence inventions.
Postprint version. Published in Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics, Volume 31, Issue 3, Fall 2003, pages 442-448.
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Michelle R Henry, Mildred K Cho, Meredith A Weaver and Jon F Merz. "A Pilot Survey on the Licensing of DNA Inventions" (2003)
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