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Theater Law: Cases and Materials
Faculty Scholarship: Books
  • Robert M. Jarvis, Nova Southeastern University
  • Steven E. Chaikelson, Columbia University
  • Christine A. Corcos, Louisiana State University
  • Jon M. Garon, Nova Southeastern University
As the oldest of the performing arts, theater has much to offer in a way of historical instruction. At the same time, it continues to be a source of employment and enjoyment for millions of Americans. Theater Law: Cases and Materials examines the various legal issues that arise in connection with the creation, financing, and production of theatrical shows, as well as the history of theater and the practice of theater law. Contents include an introduction to theater basics; playwrights; rights holders; producers; directors and choreographers; cast; houses; audiences; critics; touring companies; not-for-profit productions; and appendices.
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Robert M. Jarvis, Steven E. Chaikelson, Christine A. Corcos and Jon M. Garon. Theater Law: Cases and Materials. (2004)
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