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The IP Book
Faculty Scholarship: Books
  • Jon M. Garon, Nova Southeastern University
Federal circuit year in review 2009-2010 - the court shifts gears / John A. Dragseth -- Supreme Court weighs in on patentable subject matter: Bilski v. Kappos -- Michael A. Collins, David L. Buck -- Design protection update: issues relating to design protection after Egyptian Goddess / Julie R. Daulton, Randy A. Hillson -- Developments in the law of patent remedies: 2009 - 2010 / William L. Roberts -- Update on the written description requirement after Ariad / Timothy E. Grimsrud, Christopher J. Burrell, Jacqueline T. Harlow -- Beware the new patent trolls: false patent marking claims after Forest Group v. Bon Tool / Michael M. Lafeber, Erin O. Dungan -- Copyright highlights: noteworthy cases 2009 - 2010 / Calvin L. Litsey, Timothy J. Cruz, Leita Walker -- Google, fairness and the battle of the books / Jon M. Garon -- Trade secrets / Kerry L. Bundy, Randall E. Kahnke -- Top ten trademark decisions of 2009-2010 / Stephen R. Baird, Sharon D. Armstrong -- Keyword advertising / Mark R. Privatsky, Christopher R. Sullivan -- Top ten TTAB decisions of 2009-2010 / John L. Welch -- Top ten UDRP decisions for 2009-2010 / Michael T. Olsen, Bradley J. Walz.
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Jon M. Garon. The IP Book. (2010)
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