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About Jon P. Dayley

Dr. Jon Dayley holds a B.A. and M.A. in Anthropology from Idaho State University and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of California, Berkeley. He taught linguistics and did research on Mayan languages in Guatemala for several years, worked as a writer and researcher for the Experiment in International Living in Vermont and Belize, and taught linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley, before joining the faculty at Boise State University in 1982.
Dr. Dayley's specialties include English grammar and the history of English, American Indian languages (especially Uto-Aztecan and Mayan), and Creole languages. He has linguistic fieldwork experience in Belize, Guatemala, Thailand, and the western United States, and has written a number of books, dictionaries, and articles on Shoshoni, Panamint Shoshone, Tz'utujil Mayan, and Belizean Creole.


Present Professor Emeritus, Boise State University Department of English

Curriculum Vitae


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Honors and Awards

  • Idaho State Board of Education Research Grant - $34,760 - Fieldwork & Preparation of Bilingual & Bicultural Dictionary of Tz'utujil-Maya - 1989-1990
  • Distinguished Faculty - Boise State University - 1990, 1994
  • Distinguished Research - College of Arts & Sciences, Boise State University - 1989


  • History of the English Language
  • Applied English Linguistics
  • Graduate Linguistics
  • Language, Culture, and Society
  • Special Topics - Graduate Linguistics: World Languages

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