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Mastering the biomedical literature: Preparing for learning-centered practice
Association of American Medical Colleges, Central Group on Educational Affairs Spring Meeting (2008)
  • Jolene M. Miller, The University of Toledo
  • Marlene A. Porter, The University of Toledo
Because of the volume of available information and incredibly busy schedules, physicians require a high degree of skill in accessing, evaluating, and organizing information for efficient retrieval and reuse. The Mastering the Biomedical Literature elective (a two-week elective) in the University of Toledo's College of Medicine is designed to equip students with core information skills in support of clinical decision-making and lifelong learning. Content, skills, and issues that were selected for the elective were based on the types of questions received at the Mulford Library from third- and fourth-year medical students and resident physicians. Content selection was also driven by the AAMC medical informatics objectives and College of Medicine objecives, and trends reported in the medical literature. Current topics covered in the elective include understanding the structure of the literature as it relates to evidence-based medicine; identifying relevant articles using databases such as MEDLINE; using tools for presentation and publication, including EndNote; and using technology to keep abreast of published literature. Approximately 15 students register for the elective each year, and evaluations are consistently positive, with many students reporting that they wished they had learned these skills earlier in their medical education. Students in our elective learn (or relearn, in some cases) skills that will support them as they practice medicine in an environment which requires them to be continually learning. Information presented in this elective can be adapted to a variety of education settings.
  • medical education,
  • information literacy,
  • for-credit course
Publication Date
April 10, 2008
Citation Information
Jolene M. Miller and Marlene A. Porter. "Mastering the biomedical literature: Preparing for learning-centered practice" Association of American Medical Colleges, Central Group on Educational Affairs Spring Meeting (2008)
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