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The Death of al-ʿAbbās b. al-Maʾmūn and a “Thwarted” Coup d’État
Faculty Scholarship
  • John P. Turner, Colby College
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Colby College. History Dept.
This article focuses on the point at which the slave soldiers of al-Muʿtaṣim (r. a.h. 218–227/833–842 c.e.) rose to the political forefront and came to dominate the holder of the Caliphal seat. It is a study of the mechanisms by which the center of the state, and more specifically the Caliph, came to be their captives.

Originally published: Journal of Near Eastern Studies, vol. 72, no. 1 (April 2013), pp. 11-23. Published by the University of Chicago Press.

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John P. Turner. "The Death of al-ʿAbbās b. al-Maʾmūn and a “Thwarted” Coup d’État" (2013)
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