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Unpublished Paper
Specification Synthesis for Monitoring and Analysis of MANET Protocols
Computer Science Technical Reports
  • Natalia Stakhanova, Iowa State University
  • Samik Basu, Iowa State University
  • Zhang Wensheng, Iowa State University
  • Xia Wang, Iowa State University
  • Johnny S. Wong, Iowa State University
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This paper introduces an approach to automatic synthesis of the specification models of rout- ing protocol behavior from the observed flow of the network traffic. In particular, our technique generalizes the monitored sequences of routing messages constructing a high-level abstract view of the protocol. The basis of our method is similar to Inductive Logic Programming technique that derives a sound hypothesis from the individual examples. We conduct preliminary experi- ments on the example of AODV and DSR ad-hoc routing protocols and discuss the effectiveness of the generated specification models in detecting protocol misuses.
Citation Information
Natalia Stakhanova, Samik Basu, Zhang Wensheng, Xia Wang, et al.. "Specification Synthesis for Monitoring and Analysis of MANET Protocols" (2007)
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