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Safe and Peaceful Schools
I Fondamente della Pace Conference, Fondazione San Carlo (2014)
  • John M Winslade

The idea of safe and peaceful schools is to address the educational agenda of creating a more peaceful world through offering a range of processes for dealing with the threats to peaceful existence that students encounter in the school itself. These are more immediate concerns for children than studying the hopes that have given rise to adult institutions like the United Nations. we need to have citizens who have developed ideas and experienced success in the creative transformation of conflicted relationships. To reduce the incidence of violence in schools and to make schools more peaceful, we need to avoid an approach based on punishment. Here I outline an approach based on restorative justice

  • restorative justice,
  • counseling,
  • schools,
  • narrative therapy
Publication Date
Fall October 31, 2014
Citation Information
John M Winslade. "Safe and Peaceful Schools" I Fondamente della Pace Conference, Fondazione San Carlo (2014)
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