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Superman, Wittgenstein and the Disappearance of Moorean Absurdity
Research Collection School of Social Sciences
  • John N. WILLIAMS, Singapore Management University
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Working Paper
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'You have known me for years, Lois' explains Superman, as I lay aside my copy of Crimmins’s example (1992). 'But there is something you have not yet discovered. You also know me under a disguise. You have not yet realized that this person is I in disguise. On that way of thinking about me, you have different opinions of me. In fact you think me an idiot.' I've just informed Superman that I accept his testimony on the strength of his intelligence. But I confess I don’t quite know how to acknowledge my acceptance of his final remark.
SMU Social Sciences and Humanities Working Paper Series, 3-2002
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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0
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John N. WILLIAMS. "Superman, Wittgenstein and the Disappearance of Moorean Absurdity" (2002) p. 1 - 15
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