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The Green River Formation: a large post-Flood lake system
Journal of Creation
  • John Whitmore, Cedarville University
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vidence from lithology, sedimentology, paleontology, ecology, taphonomy, geochemistry and structural geology suggests the Green River Formation (GRF) was a large lake system. Certain features—such as multiple horizons of exploded fish, disarticulated fish and stromatolites—suggest the passage of more than the one year of time allowed for by the Genesis Flood. Since these deposits have multiple lacustrine characteristics, are relatively undeformed compared to the underlying basins on which they rest and since the GRF is near the top of the geologic rock record, it is argued that the GRF represents a post-Flood lacustrine deposit.
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John Whitmore. "The Green River Formation: a large post-Flood lake system" Journal of Creation Vol. 20 Iss. 1 (2006) p. 55 - 63
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