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The geologic setting of the Green River Formation
Journal of Creation
  • John Whitmore, Cedarville University
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Further evidence is presented that the Green River Formation (GRF) was deposited after the Flood following the tectonic uplift of Psalm 104:8. A shift from continental-wide to regional sedimentation patterns within local basins makes this clear. Additional evidence suggests the GRF was deposited in a warm lacustrine ecosystem over a period of hundreds of years, suggesting the need to re-evaluate post-Flood climate models. Sedimentological, stratigraphic and structural evidence suggest pediments, developed on GRF basin fills, could not have formed until well after the Flood. For now, creationists should abandon the use of paleontological criteria (index fossils) in defining the post-Flood boundary and focus on sedimentological and stratigraphic criteria instead.

  • the flood,
  • creation
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John Whitmore. "The geologic setting of the Green River Formation" Journal of Creation Vol. 20 Iss. 1 (2006) p. 72 - 78
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