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Orientational Coupling Amplification in Ferroelectric Nematic Colloids
Physical Review Letters
  • Fenghua Li, Kent State University - Kent Campus
  • Oleksandr Buchnev, Institute of Physics, Ukraine
  • Chae Il Cheon, Hoseo University
  • Anatoliy Glushchenko, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
  • Victor Reshetnyak, Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University
  • Yuri Reznikov, Institute of Physics, Ukraine
  • Timothy J Sluckin, University of Southampton
  • John L West, Kent State University - Kent Campus
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  • liquid-crystals,
  • particles,
  • dispersions,
  • suspensions,
  • size
We investigated the physical properties of low concentration ferroelectric nematic colloids, using calorimetry, optical methods, infrared spectroscopy, and capacitance studies. The resulting homogeneous colloids possess a significantly amplified nematic orientational coupling. We find that the nematic orientation coupling increases by similar to 10% for particle concentrations of 0.2%. A manifestation of the increased orientational order is that the clearing temperature of a nematic colloid increases by up to 40 degrees C compared to the pure liquid crystal host. A theoretical model is proposed in which the ferroelectric particles induce local dipoles whose effective interaction is proportional to the square of the orientational order parameter.

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Fenghua Li, Oleksandr Buchnev, Chae Il Cheon, Anatoliy Glushchenko, et al.. "Orientational Coupling Amplification in Ferroelectric Nematic Colloids" Physical Review Letters Vol. 97 Iss. 14 (2006)
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