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About John J. Walsh

As a biological oceanographer, J. J. Walsh has focused on systems analyses of continental shelves over the last 40 years, publishing more than 100 books, papers, and reports. In addition to prior studies of coastal upwelling off Peru, Northwest Africa, Baja California, and Venezuela, the ecological components of global carbon and nitrogen budgets have been stressed. Satellite images have also been used to constrain coupled numerical models of biophysical processes effecting species succession of plankton within the food webs of the Southern Ocean, the Bering/Chukchi/ Beaufort Seas, the Mid-Atlantic/South Atlantic Bights, the Sargasso/Caribbean Seas, and the Gulf of Mexico. Continuing research involves simulation analyses of the future food web consequences of past loss of ice cover within Arctic Seas. During recent years, this basic research has also led to applied simulation analyses of the origin, transport, and fate of Florida toxic red tides of dinoflagellates for future development of operational ecological models of phytoplankton competition, effected by biochemical cycling of multiple elements and nested within physical circulation models, in shelf waters of the southeastern United States as part of the newly formed Center for Prediction of Red tides (CPR) at USF.


Present Distinguished University Professor of Biological Oceanography, University of South Florida

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Office Phone: (727) 553-1164


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