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Focused Novice Driver Program - Assessment Results and Discussion
The Chronicle for Driver Education Professionals
  • John Wagner, Clemson University
  • Lance Clark, Clemson University
  • Kim Alexander, Clemson University
  • Philip Pidgeon, Clemson University
  • Ken Rogich, Clemson University
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American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association
Skills and experiences of novice drivers do not favorably compare to motorists with significantly greater driving time and life experiences. Recent developments in driver education and training have focused on multistage instruction to take advantage of the time delay for driving privileges in Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) systems as a means to provide additional instruction. A supplemental safe driving program tailored to address the risky behaviors of novice drivers has been developed by Clemson University Automotive Safety Research Institute (CU-ASRI) and the Richard Petty Driving Experience (RPDE). The program offers training in anticipatory safe driving strategies based on the leading causes of vehicle crashes through classroom and in-vehicle components.

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