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Negotiation lessons from the Book (not the film) of Exodus
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  • John Wade, Bond University
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Wade, J. (2015). Negotiation lessons from the Book (not the film) of Exodus. March 2015, 1-16.

© Copyright John Wade, 2015

Extract: The recent film “Exodus: Gods and Kings” has sparked some renewed interest in the actual written record of those events. It did so for me. I was astounded as a lawyer and mediator to read slowly the detailed accounts of the negotiations in the book of Exodus chapters 1-14. Had I missed these dynamics which have been so much a part of my professional and academic life? So I share some of the themes which have emerged belatedly for me in this case study extraordinaire. One of the indicators from research of an “expert” modern day negotiator is someone who takes time to reflect systematically on past negotiations and attempt to record lessons from those events—always a challenge for lawyers under the pressure of billable hours.
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John Wade. "Negotiation lessons from the Book (not the film) of Exodus" (2015) p. 1 - 16
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