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Learning and teaching : aims, goals and objectives
Learning and Teaching papers
  • John Wade, Bond University
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Wade, John (2006) Learning and teaching : aims, goals and objectives. Teaching and Learning Workshops at Bond.

A Teaching and Learning Workshop presentation to Bond University Teachers, 31 October 2006. Organised by the Bond University Teaching and Learning Committee

Copyright ©John Wade 2006. All Rights Reserved.

[Extract] AIM – to think critically about the concepts of educational ‘AIMS’. GOAL – to be able to write aims, goals and objectives of courses at different levels of specificity and to understand the historic advantages and disadvantages of this process. OBJECTIVE – for each participant to write; within the next week; a list of at least 10 aims, goals, and objectives, ranging from general to very specific, and distribute it, and discuss it, for at least 15 minutes with students in the next course taught.
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John Wade. "Learning and teaching : aims, goals and objectives" (2006)
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