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Mediation – Seven fundamental questions
Law papers (2001)
  • John Wade, Bond University

In parts of many countries, mediation is a commonly used process for managing and resolving conflict. In many other places, mediation is virtually unknown in both practice and theory. People confuse mediation with meditation or medication. Why do these interesting anthropological variations exist? Why are the various forms of mediation relatively uncommon in Sweden?

A vast and growing literature is available on conflict management and mediation. This short comment will outline seven fundamental and recurring questions about mediation. Similar questions can be asked helpfully about every profession, including lawyering, plumbing and judging. Every lawyer should be able to answer these seven basic questions from enquiring clients, or from other lawyers.

  • mediation,
  • dispute resolution
Publication Date
January 1, 2001
Publisher Statement

This document has been peer reviewed.

Wade, John (2001) Mediation – Seven fundamental questions. Svensk Jurist Tidning, Hafte 7, pp. 571-577 (Sweden).

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John Wade. "Mediation – Seven fundamental questions" Law papers (2001)
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