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Current trends and models in dispute resolution, Part 2
Law papers (1998)
  • John Wade, Bond University

This article provides a helicopter view of some trends in dispute resolution in Australia, with random references to other jurisdictions. Thereby policy planners and practitioners who are dealing with conflict in the area of residential tenancies (or anywhere else) may be able to: locate their organisation and personal lives on the global map; feel normal; discover colleagues and fellow travellers who are attempting to manage conflict, proactively or reactively; anticipate future challenges; and develop options for responding to those future challenges. Part 1 of this article, published in Volume 9, Issue 1, highlights the pressures on managers and practitioners to deliver effective services. It examines the variety of dispute resolution services available, but also the variations in practice within each service. Part 2, which follows, includes a diagnosis of the factors that service providers must consider, including accountability, legislative impact and how issues of cost, competition and practitioner-comfort might impact on quality, methods of practice and user satisfaction.

  • dispute resolution,
  • trends,
  • Australia,
  • models,
  • methods
Publication Date
January 1, 1998
Publisher Statement

Wade, John (1998). Current trends and models in dispute resolution, Part 2. Australian Dispute Resolution Journal , Vol. 9, Iss. 2, pp. 113-128.

The Australian Dispute Resolution Journal is now titled the Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal.
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John Wade. "Current trends and models in dispute resolution, Part 2" Law papers (1998)
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