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About John Tisak

As the primary methodologist in the psychology department, I work closely with the developmental faculty and students.
Currently, I am constructing mathematical/statistical models for psychological attributes which are measured longitudinally. In particular, I am interested in the development of human cognitive skills/abilities and intelligence throughout the life-span. Especially important in this endeavor are (1) the study of change; (2) the effects of interventions; (3) the stability of abilities; and (4) the correlates of change.
Additionally, I have research interests in multivariate statistical techniques, measurement, test theory, and research methodology.
Research Interests:
* Psychological measurement theory
* Statistical and mathematical methodology
* Longitudinal and lifespan modeling


Present Professor, Department of Psychology, Bowling Green State University Psychology


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Contact Information

Phone: 419-372-2246
Office: Room 331,Psychology Building