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Repetition, Consummation, and "This Eternal Unrelief"
The Challenge of D.H. Lawrence (1990)
  • John Swift, Occidental College

All of the essays-from reassessments of Lawrence's position in the English literary tradition to analyses of his influence on recent American poetry-find renewed faith in the challenge of Lawrence's work, making this volume invaluable for Lawrence scholars and students. Michael Squires and Keith Cushman have commissioned thirteen essays that illuminate the achievement of one of England's greatest modern writers. Employing a variety of perspectives-historical, cultural, theoretical, feminist-the critics here assembled address concerns about Lawrence's work that have emerged in recent years: his attitudes toward the working class, art, women, Britain; his conceptions of male-female relationships, sexuality,

Publication Date
Michael Squires, Keith Cushman
University of Wisconsin Press
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John Swift. "Repetition, Consummation, and "This Eternal Unrelief"" The Challenge of D.H. Lawrence (1990)
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