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Using Gold Nanorods to Probe Cell-Induced Collagen Deformation
Nano Letters (2007)
  • John W. Stone, Georgia Southern University
  • Patrick N. Sisco, University of South Carolina
  • Edie C. Goldsmith, University of South Carolina
  • Sarah C. Baxter, University of South Carolina
  • Catherine J. Murphy, University of South Carolina

In biological tissue, complex mechanisms of cellular response are closely linked to the mechanical environment that cells experience. The key to understanding these mechanisms may lie in measurement of local mechanical fields near living cells and between cells. We have developed a novel optical measurement technique which combines the light elastically scattered from gold nanorods with digital image analysis to track local deformations that occur in vitro between cells, in real time, under darkfield optical microscopy. We find that measurable tension and compression exist in the intercellular matrix at the length scale of micrometers, as the cells assess, adapt, and rearrange their environment.

  • mechanical fields,
  • optical measurement technique,
  • darkfield optical microscopy
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This is an Accepted Author Manuscript obtained from PMC. The publisher's final edited version of this article is available at Nano Letters .
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John W. Stone, Patrick N. Sisco, Edie C. Goldsmith, Sarah C. Baxter, and Catherine J. Murphy. "Using Gold Nanorods to Probe Cell-Induced Collagen Deformation" Nano Letters 7.1 (2007): 116-119.
doi: 10.1021/nl062248d
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