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Creating an Academic Culture that Supports Community-Engaged Scholarship
New England Resource Center for Higher Education Publications
  • John Saltmarsh, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Mark Warren, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Patricia Krueger-Henney, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Lorna Rivera, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Richard Fleming, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Donna Friedman, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Miren Uriarte, University of Massachusetts Boston
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An increasing number of campuses are working to build systems of incentives and supports for faculty who undertake community-engaged scholarship. Recognizing that the policies and cultures that shape faculty behavior for career advancement have not kept pace with changes in knowledge production and dissemination, many campuses are at some stage in the process of reconsidering and revising their reward structures to provide recognition for new forms of scholarship, including community-engaged, digital, and interdisciplinary scholarship.

Saltmarsh, J. Warren, M. Krueger-Henney, P. Rivera, L., Fleming, R. Haig-Friedman, D. & M. Uriarte. (2015). “Creating an Academic Culture that Supports Community-Engaged Scholarship.” In: Diversity & Democracy. V18 (1). Also available on-line:

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John Saltmarsh, Mark Warren, Patricia Krueger-Henney, Lorna Rivera, et al.. "Creating an Academic Culture that Supports Community-Engaged Scholarship" (2015)
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