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Crapez Henri, The Lazarists and the Chinese Clergy
  • John E Rybolt
The author presents a review of the work of the Lazarists (members of the Congregation of the Mission) in China for the formation of the clergy, one of the principal works of the Congregation. He organizes the work according to eight mission areas of China and Mongolia, using original and contemporary documents already published.

It is presented here for the first time in English, translated from the original French: Les Lazaristes et le Clergé Chinois de 1697 à 1900 (Notes d'histoire).
  • Congregation of the Mission,
  • Lazarists,
  • China missions,
  • Mongolia missions
Publication Date
March, 1938
Les Amis des Missions
Citation Information
John E Rybolt. Crapez Henri, The Lazarists and the Chinese Clergy. Paris; BourgesVol. 15 (1938)
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