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Ship-Induced Solitary Riemann Waves of Depression in Venice Lagoon
Biology Faculty Publications
  • Kevin E. Parnall, James Cook University
  • Tarmo Soomere, Tallinn University of Technoloy
  • Luca Zaggia, National Research Council of Italy
  • Artem Rodin, Tallinn University of Technology
  • Giuliano Lorenzetti, National Research Council of Italy
  • John Rapaglia, Sacred Heart University
  • Gian Marco Scarpaf, Università Ca’ Foscari
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We demonstrate that ships of moderate size, sailing at low depth Froude numbers (0.37–0.5) in a navigation channel surrounded by shallow banks, produce depressions with depths up to 2.5 m. These depressions (Bernoulli wakes) propagate as long-living strongly nonlinear solitary Riemann waves of depression substantial distances into Venice Lagoon. They gradually become strongly asymmetric with the rear of the depression becoming extremely steep, similar to a bore. As they are dynamically similar, air pressure fluctuations moving over variable-depth coastal areas could generate meteorological tsunamis with a leading depression wave followed by a devastating bore-like feature.

Version posted is the In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 8 December 2014.

Citation Information
Parnall, K.E. et al. "Ship-Induced Solitary Riemann Waves of Depression in Venice Lagoon." Physics Letters A 379.6 (2015): 555-559.