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Linearized Stability Analysis of Accelerated Planar and Spherical Fluid Interfaces With Slow Compression
Physical Review E
  • John D. Ramshaw, Portland State University
  • Peter A. Amendt, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
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  • Fluid mechanics -- Mathematical models,
  • Anisotropy,
  • Interfaces (Physical sciences)

We present linearized stability analyses of the effect of slow anisotropic compression or expansion on the growth of perturbations at accelerated fluid interfaces in both planar and spherical geometries. The interface separates two fluids with different densities, compressibilities, and compression rates. We show that a perturbation of large mode number on a spherical interface grows at precisely the same rate as a similar perturbation on a planar interface subjected to the same normal and transverse compression rates.


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*At the time of publication John Ramshaw was affiliated with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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J.D. Ramshaw and P. Amendt, "Linearized stability analysis of accelerated planar and spherical fluid interfaces with slow compression," Phys. Rev. E 67, 056304 (2003)